100 Kills Not Out: WYRMWOOD Combines MAD MAX, The Undead And Cricket

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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100 Kills Not Out: WYRMWOOD Combines MAD MAX, The Undead And Cricket
For those out there who think that Mad Max was a work of fiction think again. As a relatively young nation, Australians grasp hold of anything that gives them a skerrick of identity. With the first Mad Max film now 33 years old (not to mention The Cars That Ate Paris and Stone coming before it in the mid-1970s, and all that Ozploitation) the badass apocalyptic car culture has seeped right into the identity of an entire generation of young men. This generation is now making movies.

One of the most exciting movies of this bunch is Wyrmwood, an audacious feature film that is shaping up to be both the most patriotic but irreverently Australian horror movie in ages. The team behind Wyrmwood have basically cut their hero from the leather-tunic of Mad Max, added lots of blood and gore, crazy fog-breathing zombies, a cricket bat, some science fiction, brutal violence, badass cars, sawn-off shotguns, oh and did I say lots and lots of gore? Count me bloody interested!

Check out some awesome stills below.
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