Uwe Boll Goes LARPing In First IN THE NAME OF THE KING 3 Trailer

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Uwe Boll Goes LARPing In First IN THE NAME OF THE KING 3 Trailer
Give Uwe Boll's 2007 effort In The Name Of The King this much credit: It tried hard. Boll's first adaptation of the video game franchise had big ambitions that it matched with a big cast - Jason Statham, Ron Perlman, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Matthew Lillard, Leelee Sobieski, Claire Forlani, etc - one of the world's best fight choreographers and large scale effects. Sure, it's a baffling movie but it's a weirdly entertaining one and certainly never boring. But based on the trailer for Boll's In The Name Of The King 3, I think the whole trying hard bit has gone out the window.

Hazen Kaine, an American contract killer living in Sofia, Bulgaria, gets more than he bargains for when he enters into a contract with the mob. One last job before he gets out and starts a new life for himself. The targets; the three children of royal billionaire Andon Dupont. Seems simple enough, or so he thought. Hazen apprehends the children and before he can blink an eye, a simple necklace worn by one of the children, sends his life spireling back to medieval times. Hazen, now completely out of his element, fights for his life as he tries to escape a medieval army and a fierce fire breathing dragon.

It is here that Hazen learns what is it to be a real man and a true warrior. He must fight alongside these damsels and their people dodging arrows and fire balls, to reclaim a kingdom that was stolen from them years before.
Dominic Purcell takes the lead in a film notable for its laughably absent time travel effects and battle sequences that I would compare to a bunch of LARPers running around in a forest except Alexandre Franchi's The Wild Hunt is a movie that actually does feature a bunch of LARPers running around in a forest and is actually good. So don't blame the LARPers. Watch and be baffled below.
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