Things Get Creepy In Thai Horror Anthology 3AM

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Things Get Creepy In Thai Horror Anthology 3AM
While the horror anthology is making a resurgence in the USA of late the format has been running strong in Thailand for quite some time now. The anthology format is perfect for horror, allowing both new and old talent to get in, set up a scare, deliver and get out again quickly. And as long as you keep finding a new wrinkle to things it always stays fresh.

And that wrinkle is obvious in upcoming Thai project 3AM. A collection of three ghost stories, all of which occur at 3am, this is the first project of its kind to be presented in 3D.

Chipping in to the project are Colic director Patchanon Thumajira with the tale of a haunted wig shop, First Kiss director Kirati Nakintanon holding to his romance roots while going someplace entirely more icky in The Corpse Bride, And Ronin Team (Art Of The Devil 2 & 3) member Issara Nandee going solo with Overtime.

An international trailer for the project has just arrived, check it below.
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