Read All About It! Masters of Cinema Bringing Fuller's PARK ROW to DVD!

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Read All About It! Masters of Cinema Bringing Fuller's PARK ROW to DVD!
Journalists take note! You're about to get schooled in your craft by the singular talents of Samuel Fuller. Those fine people over at Eureka Entertainment are bringing Fuller's long-forgotten 1952 film, Park Row to UK DVD on their fabulous Masters of Cinema label on 22nd October.

It's a story that should ring true for many in these Internet-infused days of cyber-journalism, in which Gene Evans' plucky young journo sets out to launch his own newspaper, The Globe, in 1880s New York City. Brimming with incendiary stories and eye-catching headlines, his paper becomes an instant success with the people, but he faces fierce opposition from the city's more established publications, personified by Mary Welch, owner of the long-running daily, The Star.

Quentin Tarantino, never one shy to champion a film he admires, calls Park Row: "One of the greatest love letters in the history of film, and it's a love letter to journalism." Fuller, of course, built his career as a tabloid journalist before moving into motion pictures, and draws heavily from his first-hand experiences when making Park Row. While some potential buyers might be momentarily put off by the fact this is a DVD-only release, any fan of Fuller can attest that the man's work is raw, confrontational, and always worth seeking out on any available format.

Eureka Entertainment's DVD release includes a new digital progressive transfer in the film's original aspect ratio, isolated music and effects track, an illustrated booklet featuring rare archival footage and the words of Fuller himself. More special features will be confirmed nearer the release date. 
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