Hold On Norway. Denmark Wants Their Own Tordenskiold Film Too.

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Hold On Norway. Denmark Wants Their Own Tordenskiold Film Too.
It was just in the spring when it was announced that Headhunters director, Morten Tyldum, would be lensing a Norwegian historical drama about the Norwegian-Danish nobleman and naval officer Peter Jansen Wessel. AKA Tordenkjold.

Now, Danish production house Nimbus Film ApS have announce their own production about the famed historical character. The only discernible difference so far is they spell it Tordenkiold. Lars Bredo Rhabek of Nimbus says, "After all, Tordenskiold is such a stout character that his shoulders should be broad enough to carry two films".

The Danish film will be lensed by Icelandic director Dagur Kari and was written by Norwegian author Erlend Loe. Says Kari, "I always thought you should never make films about a time before the camera was invented, but Loe's script gives a new perspective to the genre". And Loe added, "The straightjacket of the myth sometimes overshadows the real human being; we want to depict a man who is probably closer to ourselves than we think".

The Norwegian film is already in pre-production. The Danish film will shoot sometime late into 2013.
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