European Outdoor Film Tour To Preview THE CROSSING

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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The creators of viral horror film The Tunnel have been busy, and while they have plenty more horror in development, their next project will see them stretch their legs and prove they can do far more than scare the living crap out of audiences. 

This next project is called The Crossing, a new adventure documentary that follows follows two young Aussie adventurers, Clark Carter and Chris Bray, as they set off on an expedition in the wilds of the Canadian Arctic. 

Now comes news that a 25-minute excerpt from the doc will screen as part of the prestigious European Outdoor Film Tour, premiering in Munich on October 10. The tour will play in 200 locations around Europe including Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the UK. 

If there was ever a film festival I wanted to attend immediately after watching the trailer, this is it. Watch the film tour trailer below! 

The Crossing is a Distracted Media production, together with Australian Geographic, Zapruders other films, and Gore-Tex. 
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