Laura Wheelwright Resurfaces In Crazed WAKEY WAKEY Trailer

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 Laura Wheelwright Resurfaces In Crazed WAKEY WAKEY Trailer
One of the highlights of David Michod's debut feature Animal Kingdom was the revelation of newcomer Laura Wheelwright. While most critics focused on the central performance of James Frecheville, Wheelwright also turned in a stellar but subtle performance. Since then I've been hanging to see what she'd do next. 

One answer is Wakey Wakey, the debut feature from Adrian Goodman. 

A sequestered narcoleptic teenager on the cusp of her sexual awakening seeks liberation through her rebellious half-sister, becoming the subject of her dangerous art.

I'd recommend waiting for Robert Connolly's Underground, about the early years of Julian Assange (which premieres at TIFF) for a real sense of what Wheelright is capable of, but until then check out the trailer for Wakey Wakey below. 
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