Toronto Indie Fight Flick CONCRETE Channels THE WARRIORS

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Toronto Indie Fight Flick CONCRETE Channels THE WARRIORS
If the premise of Toronto based indie fight flick Concrete reminds you of a certain Walter Hill effort rest assured that those similarities are entirely intentional. The execution, however, is very, very different.

Drawing upon the extensive local stunt community Concrete imagines a world where every city block is controlled by a different violent gang. Want to travel from block to block? You need to deal with the gangs in question.

CONCRETE is the story of John 'Concrete' Hong, a former gang member living in the gutters of Union City.   During the course of one night, he must RISE up to become a vigilante and start his journey to rid the streets of the evil gangs.

In the tail end of a funding campaign on Indie Go Go to finance the final push through production, you can check out the trailer and a behind the scenes reel from the film below.
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