Have Your Say: Which Live-Action Remake By Studio Ghibli Would You Anticipate Most?

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Have Your Say: Which Live-Action Remake By Studio Ghibli Would You Anticipate Most?
This week we got a really good peek at a Japanese live-action short made by Studio Ghibli, featuring what looks a lot like one of the God-Warriors from "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" flattening a big city. You can see that video here (link).

Studio Ghibli is of course best known for its feature animations, especially those made by the "founding fathers" Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. So far the studio has managed to keep the bar for quality almost insanely high on all of its output. To see the people over there dabble in making live-action is puzzling yet quite exciting as well, and judging by what we've seen of the short their effort is nothing to be ashamed of. Then again, we haven't seen any plotting or acting yet so it might be a bit early to do any judging at all.

Nevertheless, given that this short has designs in it coming from one of Miyazaki's most beloved and protected feature films, this does raise a question: what if Studio Ghibli would remake one of their own masterpieces as a live-action film?
Sure, in most cases it would be a completely futile exercise. Why remake films that are very close to perfection and have a very successful run of their own already?

But as a "What-if?" the question is quite funny. Would we want to see a live-action Totoro or Kiki? Go for broke with Nausicaä herself or a story taking place on Laputa? The epic conflicts of Princess Mononoke or the heartbreaking intimacy of Grave of the Fireflies?

So which live-action remake would you anticipate most? HAVE YOUR SAY!!!
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