LA Film Fest 2012 : ScreenAnarchy Team Picks Our 9 Most Anticipated Titles

Festivals Editor; Los Angeles, California (@RylandAldrich)
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LA Film Fest 2012 : ScreenAnarchy Team Picks Our 9 Most Anticipated Titles

LA Film Fest kicks off tonight with the North American premiere of Woody Allen's TO ROME WITH LOVE and we are following up yesterday's LA FILM FEST 2012 PREVIEW with a few words from our team and our 9 most anticipated picks. Be sure to follow the team on twitter for updates throughout the fest: @ScreenAnarchy | @lainnafader | @AlexKoehne | @ChaseWhale | @RylandAldrich

Our ScreenAnarchy Team has grown for our coverage of LAFF since last year. Here are a few words of welcome from new contributor Lainna Fader who will be focusing on bringing some awesome interviews from the fest. "This my third year covering LAFF and my first for ScreenAnarchy. I went the last two years as film editor of L.A. RECORD magazine. Looking forward to the fest!"

Alex Koehne is back to bring you reviews of some of the biggest titles: "Last year I attended several screenings at LAFF as a mere civilian. Now, after joining the ScreenAnarchy team, I am excited to delve in much deeper to the festival this time around. Compared to covering Sundance and Fantastic Fest, this will be a nice change of pace since it's practically in my back yard! When I am not watching films, you can most likely find me in the Filmmaker's Lounge, where I hear there is an open bar."

Chase Whale and I will also be bringing you news and reviews all the festival long. Let us know what you're most excited for! Now, here are our 9 most anticipated titles:

I can't wait for HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK, a sci-fi comedy reminiscent of a spacey Flight of the Conchords starring General Trius and the Mighty Kevin of the distant planet Hondo star.~ Lainna

Midnight in Paris was one of my absolute favorite films last year, and while I remain skeptical about a lot of Woody Allen's recent work, I'm really hoping TO ROME WITH LOVE, his follow up to Midnight, will be just as wonderful. ~ Alex

With a great cast headed up by funny man David Cross, the relationship disaster comedy IT'S A DISASTER has a whole lot of potential. ~ Ryland

I'm very excited about A BAND CALLED DEATH, a long-awaited documentary about the pioneering black proto-punk band out of 70s Detroit that was rediscovered by the world two years ago when indie label Drag City (thx for correction) excavated and released their debut album. ~ Lainna

Even though I've already seen and reviewed it once, the chance to catch BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD a second time is one of my most anticipated events of the fest. ~ Ryland

Having actually been to Burma, I am rather curious about RETURN TO BURMA. It sounds like it could be a very insightful look at a troubled nation on the brink of major change. ~ Alex

The fine folks at LAFF always excel in their programming of interesting documentaries with Los Angeles and California relevance (last year's Crime After Crime was fantastic). One docu that has caught my eye this year is G-DOG, Freida Mock's look at gang prevention hero Father Gregory Boyle and his Homeboy Industries. The film screens for free on Sunday. ~ Ryland

It's hard not to be excited about any new Pixar picture (that doesn't have the word "cars" in the title), so BRAVE is up there on my most anticipated list. ~ Alex

BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING: The Wayne White Story, a documentary about one of America's greatest artists (if you've seen Pee Wee's Playhouse, you know and likely love his work), looks like a fascinating exploration of the commercial art world. ~ Lainna

Keep your eyes glued here for more from LAFF!

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Joe YoungJune 14, 2012 5:34 PM

"I'm very excited about A BAND CALLED DEATH, a long-awaited documentary about the pioneering black proto-punk band out of 70s Detroit"

Never heard of these before.......thanks Miss Fader.

JohnJune 17, 2012 6:48 AM

Minor correction, the Death record came out on Drag City, not Sub Pop.