COMPETITION: Win The Complete Madman Studio Ghibli Blu-ray/DVD Collection or an ARRIETTY Blu-ray/DVD (Australia Only)!

Contributing Writer; Sydney, Australia (@HugoOzman)
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COMPETITION: Win The Complete Madman Studio Ghibli Blu-ray/DVD Collection or an ARRIETTY Blu-ray/DVD (Australia Only)!
To celebrate the Australian release of the latest Studio Ghibli classic Arrietty on Blu-ray and DVD, Madman is giving you, our dear readers, the chance to win some wonderful prizes! 

These include:

1 MAJOR PRIZE - One very lucky winner will get to take home the complete Madman Studio Ghibli collection on Blu-ray (for titles that are available on Blu-ray) and DVD (for titles that are currently only available on DVD)!

5 RUNNER-UP PRIZES - Each runner-up winner will score a copy of Arrietty on DVD or Blu-ray (your choice). 

Sounds awesome? Great!

Here's how you can win: All you have to do is to tell us in 35 words or less what your favorite Studio Ghibli film is and why. You can email your answer, together with your name and postal address to me at: In your email, please also indicate your preference for either Blu-ray or DVD if you are to win the runner-up prize. The competition will close at midnight on Sunday June 3. 

Arrietty is distributed in Oz by Madman Entertainment, Australia's leading distributor of anime, independent film, Asian cinema, National Geographic, Cartoon Network and other special interest genres. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from May 23. 

Good Luck!
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  • erin

    Don't suppose this has been drawn yet? On tenterhooks here!

  • Tory

    Oh, awesome. Where do I sign u-...Wait a minute, I don't live in Australia. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Hugo Ozman

    Tory, there's plenty of empty space here in Australia. So just move here, man. But please bear in mind that movies generally get screened here after every one else in the world has seen them, ticket prices are more expensive and films like Cabin in the Woods don't even get released in cinemas without people staging a protest.

  • Ryland Aldrich

    Holy vegemite!

  • Hugo Ozman

    Haha! Ryland, your comment reminds me of news about Vegemite changing its name to 'Australia'. No, seriously...

  • Kurt Halfyard

    Agreed, Ard.

    I'd be down for this if not for A) I'm not in OZ, and B) I write for this site. That's an amazing set, and as someone who just watched almost all of these titles in wonderful quality in the past month, a good viewing bundle!

  • Hugo Ozman

    Thanks, Kurt. I agree as well. And it appears our Aussie readers do too! The response for the comp has been fantastic!

  • Ard Vijn

    Bloomin' eck. Talk about being on the wrong side of the world...

    Now THIS is a contest!

  • Hugo Ozman

    Yes, Ard. Become an Aussie, mate!

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