Feature: CONTRABAND and "Last Job" Movies

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Feature: CONTRABAND and "Last Job" Movies

The Mark Walhberg smuggling flick Contraband is hitting home video this week and we've got five copies of the movie to give away on Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. Co-starring Ben Foster (3:10 To Yuma), Kate Beckinsdale (Underworld), and Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar), it's one in a long line of "last job" movies.

You can check out a couple of other films in this genre below, or skip right on down to the bottom for the contest details.


Okay, not technically not a "last job" movie, it is part of that niche selection of films about characters trying to go straight in spite the criminal life clawing at the edges of their attempts at legitimacy. Gosling's unnamed Driver is an odd fit for this style of movie, but maybe his weird ambivalence about what he does is why so many people gravitate towards the movie.

Out of Sight

Still my favorite Soderbergh movie by a mile, one of the cleverest things that Out of Sight does is remove the deromanticize crime even in the midst of what's a romantic dramedy. Clooney's career criminal Jack Foley knows that there's no such thing as one last score, but that doesn't stop him from going after the big heist again and again.


Clint Eastwood's Will Munny is such a wonderful meditation on his classic, genre-defining Western roles, showing the toll that a lifetime of violence takes on a man who made his money with his guns, and Unforgiven smashes the idea of the gunslinging hero to pieces.

Carlito's Way

Like Unforgiven for Eastwood, Carlito's Way serves as a comment on on Pacino's iconic gangster roles. Less Godfather and more Scarface, I suppose, his character in Carlito's Way simply wants out of the drugs/guns/girls life for something better. He trades in "The World Is Yours" for "I just want Penelope Anne Miller."

Sexy Beast

The true beauty on this list, it's protracted verbal assault on the part of one Sir Ben Kingsley as retired hood Ray Winstone just wants to be left alone with a bit of Spanish sun and sand. And that's really all he has to do, doesn't he: say no? But Kingsley isn't having it in what has to be one of the most verbally exhausting roles committed to film.

Contraband will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on April 24th.

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