ANIMAL KINGDOM Helmer David Michod's Next Is THE ROVER

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ANIMAL KINGDOM Helmer David Michod's Next Is THE ROVER
Australian director David Michod, clearly, is his own man. And he wants to stay that way. After winning Sundance with his feature debut Animal Kingdom - which picked up an Oscar nom for Jackie Weaver - Hollywood came knocking in a big way with Michod given the chance to take the step out of Australia and into the studio system. And his answer, evidently, is thanks but no. He'd rather keep telling his own stories.

Michod's next will be The Rover, a picture he will write and direct from an idea he came up with alongside his Animal Kingdom co-star Joel Edgerton. The story will revolve around a man trying to recover his stolen car, a car which contains something he needs back rather badly. Lava Bear and Porchlight Films will produce.
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