Watch Wes Ball's Post-Apocalyptic Animated Short RUIN

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Watch Wes Ball's Post-Apocalyptic Animated Short RUIN
Theres not a single dialogue in the Ruin but it does speaks volume in terms of presenting high-concept science fiction.  Described simply as an "animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe", it features an awesome motorcycle chase-sequence as its being attack from a futuristic aircraft.  It seems the story involves an ecological disaster possibly caused by a corporation but theres many questions left unanswered.  Who is this lone man? What does he seek and why is he being attacked?  Perhaps we'll find out in a sequel as implied at the end of the credits.

Director Wes Ball, along with his company Oddball Animation has been sporadically working on this passion project over the last two years.  Ball is an experienced graphic artist for HBO who previously directed an award-winning student short film A Work in Progress. His studio is currently developing an animated featured film In Search of Humans.

You'll find the 8.5-minute short embedded below. Also lurking at the official site is some work-in-progress shots.
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