ScreenAnarchy Has Met FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY and Survived!

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ScreenAnarchy Has Met FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY and Survived!
This very week, the main principal photography wrapped up on Richard Raaphorst's film "Frankenstein's Army", meaning it's in the can bar some bits and bobs. Thankfully ScreenAnarchy was allowed a visit to the set in the Czech Republic just before that happened, meeting all principal actors and the crew including the special effects team. We even saw some actual footage being shot.

Ever since the first sketch showed up for the film (then known as "Army of Frankenstein") anticipation has been very high, and for good reason: this is made by many of the same people as who created the short promo films for "Worst Case Scenario", which is probably still the most lamented never-made-film of the last decade or so. Those promos showed an incredible attention to detail and a gross, eerie yet beautiful aesthetic.

So the good news is that this same sense of aesthetic is very much apparent in everything we got to see from "Frankenstein's Army". Remember the famous shot from the WCS-promo where bionic nazi zombies crawled ashore from the sea? "Frankenstein's Army" promises to be way more cool and spectacular. We've seen monsters in this thing that are a good deal bigger than anything shown in that promo, and some which are outrageously bizarre. It's not just a matter of size though: there are also some impossible creature-suits which only fit actors who are missing a limb (or two). Richard sure knows how to think out-of-the-box...

And get this: although cgi will be used in post for things like wire-removal, the vast majority of effects-work has been 100% practical in nature. I'm talking about camera crew having to duck at times when heads explode, arriving at the hotel with fake blood still on them, unintentionally scaring the other guests. I've seen literally cartloads of limbs and buckets of blood. Oh, and they still set real stuntmen on fire in the Czech Republic, which is awesome.

Understandably, we are not allowed to spill all the beans just yet, but rest assured we will have several articles and interviews leading up to the film's premiere later this year.
Until then, you'll have to make do with this picture from the old official website.

Heh, I actually held that skull in my own two hands. I wish I was allowed to show you what else was just lying around on that table, or what was standing next to it... but that'll have to wait.
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GaborApril 3, 2012 1:52 PM

"....this is made by the same team which created the short promo films for "Worst Case Scenario", which is probably still the most lamented never-made-film of the last decade or so..."
Unfortunataly it wasn't the same team !

Ard VijnApril 3, 2012 4:35 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Mr. Gabor Deak, the Director of Photography of the "Worst Case Scenario" promos!
I think we all agree that the "Worst Case Scenario" promos kicked ass in an incredible way, which is why they are still remembered to this day even without a film attached.

And my apologies for the generalization when I said it was the same team as "Frankenstein's Army". It was shorthand because the same writer and director are involved, and many of the same special effects people too.
But indeed there are also many differences between the productions (DoP and the producers being a major part of them) so I will rephrase this.