Have Your Say: Will BATTLESHIP Be Clunker or Heavy Metal?

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Have Your Say: Will BATTLESHIP Be Clunker or Heavy Metal?
In a mere few weeks time we'll be seeing previews and even premieres of Peter Berg's huge-scale ehm... board game adaptation "Battleship".
The trailers show destruction and battles on an epic scale and some big, dumb fun.

The question here is where the emphasis lies: big, dumb or fun. More specifically (since I think there is no discussion about the size of this thing) which of the two will win out: "dumb" or "fun"? So far I'm shooting in the dark, not knowing whether or not I've hit something. Waiting for this film may even be more akin to the actual game than the film itself.

On the minus side we have a film featuring giant robots and aliens, which is an adaptation of a totally plotless game without any giant robots or aliens in it. We have the US Navy fighting a force which is obviously powerful enough to wipe us out totally unless the invaders force themselves to play by a set of handicapping rules, predator-style.
We have Rihanna as a cast member. I'm not saying this automatically sucks but the emphasis on her being in the film is a bit... disturbing.

On the plus side we may have another special effects fest the size of a Michael Bay Transformers film, only this time directed by Peter Berg. I happen to like special effects when applied correctly, always have, and can enjoy the aforementioned Transformer films when seen in stand-alone bits of ten minutes.
Peter Berg directing, however, is something that I have been able to enjoy with each of his films. From "Very Bad Things" to "Hancock", not all his titles may have been perfect or commercially mega-successful but they weren't wastes of my time either. There is a way he includes absurd behavior in his films, the way he escalates action, and the way he uses his money moments which just gells with me.
To end the plus side with stunt casting as well, we have Tadanobu Asano. Yep.

So what do we expect? In advance of actually having seen it, do we have faith or do we cry foul?
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