Have Your Say: The Sound Of Silence...

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Have Your Say: The Sound Of Silence...
The industry of cinema has, in its century of existence, leapt over several big technological hurdles. Audiences were stunned in the 19th century by seeing a moving image at all, but immediately the race was on between inventors worldwide to improve the medium.
Great strides have been made since then: increases in sharpness, increases in length, adding color, adding 3D (seriously, they were onto that one a lot earlier than you might expect)...

And then of course there was the addition of sound.
Sound changed everything in Hollywood at the time and the transition has been the subject of many a film already, some of them very well-known even. Recently "The Artist" joined that list and judging by how it cleaned up at the Oscars there is still some fire in the subject when properly used.

Now the fun thing about new technology is that you can choose whether or not to use it. Take color: most films have it but it is universally acknowledged that there still is a place for artistic Black & White on occasion. Limitations can actually be used as an advantage, providing increased mood effects or beauty in compositions.

So here is my question: is it possible to make a movie without sound, the same as some do not use color (and some refuse to ever use 3D)?
"The Artist" got away by having "no sound" because it was about movies without sound. Can you think of another context, and please DO mention other films, where the absence of sound would be a deliberate boon?

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