First Stills From Michel Ocelot's KIRIKOU: MEN AND WOMEN

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First Stills From Michel Ocelot's KIRIKOU: MEN AND WOMEN
French animator Michel Ocelot rose to international acclaim in 1998 with the release of his animated feature Kirikou And The Sorceress, the story of a very small and very brave boy whose village is under the thumb of an angry sorceress based on African folk tales.

Though Ocelot has certainly ventured away from his diminutive hero in the years since Kirikou has always been around in the background. There was a second feature film, there have been books and in February of 2013 Ocelot will release his third Kirikou feature into French theaters.

Titled Kirikou: Men And Women this one is being produced in 3D and the first stills have just been released. Plenty of familiar faces lie within including - obviously, since she's right up above - the Sorceress of the first film. Check the gallery below.
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