Jesus Orellana's ROSA Becoming A Live Action Feature

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Jesus Orellana's ROSA Becoming A Live Action Feature
Mission accomplished for Spanish comic artist, animator and director Jesus Orellana. When he pumped a year of work into creating his cyberpunk animated short Rosa he did so in the hope that it would catch the eye of Hollywood and he would have the chance to expand it into a live action feature. And now he is.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Orellana is currently in final negotiations with 20th Century Fox to step into the director's chair on a live action feature version of Rosa with a story expanded from the original short film. Simon Kinberg will produce along with Orellana's managers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers. They're currently looking for a writer to handle the adaptation.

Curious what it takes to land a studio deal? Take a look at the original short below.
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Mazinger ZDecember 9, 2011 2:16 PM

Hard work pays off my friends! I'm now anxious to see how the feature turns out.

Brandon TenoldDecember 11, 2011 1:54 AM

Hmmm, I was kinda hoping that this would become a full-length ANIMATED feature. The animation in the short was gorgeous and I would love to see a feature version done the same way, there aren't enough dark sci-fi animated films (well, outside Japan anyway) in my opinion. Ah well, in any case it's good to see Orellana getting some recognition for his work.