Adult Film Star Sunny Leone Goes Bollywood With JISM 2

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Adult Film Star Sunny Leone Goes Bollywood With JISM 2
Sometimes the headlines just write themselves.

No, it's probably not what you're thinking.  Sunny Leone is not heading the cast of an all-singing, all-dancing Bollywood style porn extravaganza, though that is certainly an idea whose time has come.  She is actually reported to have been recruited to star in producer Mahesh Bhatt's upcoming sequel to the 2003 Bollywood thriller, Jism, also known as Body many English language territories. Sunny has lots of on screen experience in films such as Busty Cops 1 & 2, as well as experience behind the camera as the director of Tits.

The story is still evolving, but I can give you the run down thus far.  It all started when Sunny Leone, who was born Karen Malhotra to Punjabi parents in Canada, was invited on the fifth season of Indian Big Brother TV program, Bigg Boss.  While she was there, her status as a porn star mostly unknown, she was visited by Indian producer Mahesh Bhatt.  Bhatt is responsible for directing a number of Hindi films, some of them very popular, but the last ten years he has dedicated to producing films with his own production company. 

Initially, Leone was attached to a third entry in Bhatt's popular Murder series.  Murder 2, released over this summer, was a blatant rip off of recent Korean hit, The Chaser.  It was also a decent financial success.  Bhatt himself refuted this claim via his twitter feed saying: "This news about Rahul & Sunny Leone is not correct. Murder 3 is an Emraan Hashmi project.We certainly want her to be in it," that was November 21st.

Apparently, someone struck transliteration gold in the Bhatt production offices, though, and now Leone is attached to Jism 2. The original Jism was a very popular film that helped launch the Bollywood careers of big name actors John Abraham (New York, Force) and Bipasha Basu (um, Jism).  The combination of Leone and Jism is obviously nothing new, but this pairing has the actress set to make a big splash in Bollywood!  We'll definitely share any new details as they become available.
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rondertakerDecember 1, 2011 4:22 PM

one day me and a friend were getting my brakes fixed at 3am in an all night shop somewhere in queens (i think) and Jism was on tv. everytime it cut to commercial and the name came up it boggled our minds.

zinjoDecember 1, 2011 5:19 PM

The irony of the film's name and the actress is not lost on me...

Considering the slang meaning of the term "Jism" and what Ms.Leone's acting credits include...

Be that as it may, more power to her...