TADFF 2011: FATHER'S DAY review

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TADFF 2011: FATHER'S DAY review
Does it help to know who Astron 6 and Troma are before you watch Father's Day? Sure. You would at least know, sort of, what to expect. Does it prepare you for the onslaught of sexiness, crudeness, grossness, horror and hilarity of it? Not in the least! And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Astron 6 has committed all of their ideas, skills and talents into one film and the sick, disgusting and damn funny outcome is FATHER'S DAY, a Tour de Gross of grindhouse proportions rivaling another similar, Canadian, offering to the grindhouse gods. What the guys at Astron 6 may lack by means of spit and polish in their film they more than make up for in the sheer entertainment value alone.

Sexy. Can I get an Amen for all the 'good' nudity in Father's Day? Preach it Father John Sullivan! It's going to be a good movie for nudity when one of your characters Chelsea, sister of our hero Ahab, is a stripper. No one should ever have to say any Hail Marys for thinking that a stripper with a chainsaw is a good idea. That, in fact, is divine. I tip my hat to you sirs for 'Slave Leia' Chelsea too. 

Gross. Oh, it most certainly is a gross movie. This is going to tie in with the horror as well but the filmmaker's use of practical effects is top tier. Wherever there is an opportunity to smash, bash and trash a body part it is going to be a squishy affair. 

Crude. Hey! It is a movie where the villain, Chris Fuchman [Yes. Pronounced FUCKman], rapes dads! In their bums! So yeah, it is no surprise that there are some very, very, very cringe worthy moments in the film. Sons, lock up your fathers. Fuchman's in town. Earlier, when I said there was 'good' nudity? This is 'bad' nudity. 'Wrong' nudity, 'Dear god I think my sphincter just closed up shop and left town' nudity. 

Horror. When Father's Day transitions into a fantastical element that is where Steve Kostanski takes over and with stop motion prowess This also ties in with the gross part as well. Again, practical effects rule the days and there is plenty of violence and blood to satisfy the sick bastard in us all. 

Funny. Here is where I think Father's Day excels and as a result rises above our nation's previous offering to the grindhouse gods, Hobo With A Shotgun, in my books. Because it feels that Astron 6's motives were different; have a lot fun yet still honor and respect the traditions and traits of grindhouse cinema. I felt Hobo was so mean spirited that I felt pummeled and oppressed as I watched it. The feeling is not at all the same with Father's Day. This is a completely different type of film. The guys at Astron 6 have also been working together for years so there is a comedic timing that has be honed over the years and that combined with a funny script and jokes makes for a very good time in the cinema. The comedic elements in Father's Day as spot on. 

Highly recommended! 

Dear Lloyd Kaufman, please keep the commercial in the picture.
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