When The Universe Breaks Down Send For The ALIEN REPAIR GUY

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When The Universe Breaks Down Send For The ALIEN REPAIR GUY
Norway has charted a bold and impressive path into the world of genre cinema over the past few years with a seemingly endless supply of clever, high quality and incredibly diverse projects coming from those shores over the past few years. And if you want to know who the next big thing in the feature world is going to be there the best thing to do is to look at what's coming down the line in shorts.

A hugely impressive upcoming effort comes from directing duo Alexander Somma and Øystein Moe, a pair of commercial and music video directors who work together under the professional name of Helmet. The duo are making the move to fiction with their upcoming short film Alien Repair Guy and if the quality of what they have released so far is any indication you can expect this to make a huge splash on the festival circuit in the coming year.

Alien Repair Guy is a sci-fi story about where we come from, and about whose pawns we are - a film about what goes on above our heads. Earth's control box gets broken. For the alien caretaker, what seems like just another day at work, ends up something completely different.
Helmet have been good enough to send us a series of production stills including behind the scenes, in progress and finished shots. The before and after images are a good way to get a sense of how the duo are blending physical props with digital after effects to get the look and feel that they want. And if that's not enough they've also shared with us an in-progress clip from the film to show off their work. There is still a layer of lighting effects to be added to the clip but it is already hugely impressive as is. Check it all out below.

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