COMIN' AT YA! 3D Will Be Coming to Theaters (Again)

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COMIN' AT YA! 3D Will Be Coming to Theaters (Again)
Leave it to Drafthouse Films to pull another surprise out of the box, with the announcement today that they have acquired North American rights to Comin' At Ya! 3D. The film, originally released in 1981, played within the past few days at Fantastic Fest 2011, where it was warmly received. Our own Swarez wrote that the film "does exactly what it says on the poster and it's fun up to a point. So aside from over use of the gimmick it's a crowd pleasing cult classic."

Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is pursuing a strategy of releasing a small number of films annually, divided between repertory and new releases. With one release under their belt so far -- Chris Morris' acerbic comedy Four Lions -- the company will also be releasing wild dance-competition hybrid The FP and anthology film The ABCs of Death.

The company describes Comin' At Ya! 3D as "the first fully restored classic 3D film in high-definition." A limited theatrical re-release is planned for 2012.
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This is pretty cool. Though, it would be cooler if they released the OTHER Fernando Bali directed 3-D movie from the 80s, Treasure of the Four Crowns . . . in WonderVision 3-D!!!