CONFIRMED: Vincent Cassel Takes Aiden In Danny Boyle's TRANCE

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CONFIRMED: Vincent Cassel Takes Aiden In Danny Boyle's TRANCE
[Deadline is now reporting that Vincent Cassel is in final negotiations to join Danny Boyle's Trance with Rosario Dawson also joining.]

As originally posted July 13: The role of Aiden is proving to be tough to fill for Danny Boyle's Trance. A key support character in the Trainspotting director's upcoming heist thriller, Aiden appeared to be the first part nailed down with Michael Fassbender originally signed to play the role. But right around the time that James McAvoy signed to take the lead role of Simon in the picture rumors also began to surface that Fassbender had left due to scheduling issues.

Official word at the time was that Fassbender was still in but we confirmed at the beginning of July that he was, in fact, gone and were told at the time that Boyle's top choice to replace him was Colin Firth. But it can be hard to nail down a recent Oscar winner and Firth, too, has turned the part down due to schedule issues though whether those issues are due to his current part in the Coen Brothers scripted Gambit or some other project - he currently has an untitled dark comedy directed by Dante Ariola listed in pre-production - is not immediately clear.

So where to next? We're told Boyle and the producers of Trance currently have an offer out to Vincent Cassel to fill the part. And since we are of the opinion that pretty much any film can be made better through the addition of Cassel - one of the most charismatic performers on the planet - it follows that we'd be more than a little bit curious to see how the French actor would mesh with Boyle and his crew. And assuming that the IMDB listing is accurate - never a sure bet, moreso with actors based overseas - it would appear that Cassel has the time to do it as Trance is scheduled to shoot before the end of the year and Cassel has nothing listed until the 2012 production of Dobermann 2.

This will all, of course, be entirely dependent on Cassel saying 'yes'. But what say you? Are McAvoy and Cassel a duo you would pay to see?
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chocopocoJuly 13, 2011 5:36 PM

I'm more that willing to pay for that, but a Cassel/Fassbender duo would be more fun to watch...

cineleeds.wordpress.comJuly 14, 2011 12:42 AM

Cassel/Fassbender would indeed be awesome. In fact I can't think of cinema I'd rather watch.

Ed HershlagJuly 15, 2011 3:19 PM

yes, i would pay to see McAvoy-Cassel duo in a crime thriller. McAvoy is a very good choice, but (with all the respect), Fassbender is completely outstanding and would be more interesting to watch.

Let's see if Scarlett Johansson rumours are true... she would be a great eye-candy (at minimum) in a movie full of testosterone.

HKFanaticJuly 15, 2011 3:30 PM

Vincent Cassel and Michael Fassbender are two of the greatest actors working today. Talk about a 'dream team' for a Danny Boyle movie! No offense to James McAvoy but he has a little ways to go before he's proved himself to be amongst their ranks. But, hell, all three of them in a flick would be great!

krakarJuly 28, 2011 12:06 AM

Vincent Cassell and also Rosario Dawson...hmm. Monica Bellucci is maybe going to want to keep an eye on Cassell during the filming of this one.

shazzJuly 30, 2011 12:03 PM

Cassel is amazing! I'm a big fan of his since Eastern Promises.