Simon Kook. Exactly like Tony Jaa only... um...

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Simon Kook. Exactly like Tony Jaa only... um...
A wee bit late on this one. Okay, a lot. But since it was only last month that we had raised the question about who could take over the mantel of action star in Thailand it seems fitting to follow up on it with some new material about one time stand in for Tony Jaa and Johnny Nguyen, Simon Kook. 

I'll sum it up like this. Anything Tony Jaa can do, I can do... the same. I don't want to condemn the man right away but if this short film Siam Fighter [after the break] is any indication while there is no denying that Simon Kook has skills this looks exactly like anything that Tony Jaa has done before his career took an abrupt halt after the Ong Bak debacle. It doesn't help that Simon looks EXACTLY like Tony. The skills are there. The presentation does not do him justice nor does it distinguish him from Jaa. 

If someone in Thailand wants Kook to take the lead they're going to have to help him stand out from the crowd. Because according to WiseKwai the poor fight direction in The Microchip wasn't the showcase we hoped it would be for Kook. 

Or. Get Dan Chupong in front a camera again. 
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