RUBBER screenings across the UK in March/April!

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RUBBER screenings across the UK in March/April!

Fancy catching personified tire movie Rubber on the big screen before it hits DVD? Then you're in luck. Well, if you live in Birmingham, Sheffield or London you are...

Quentin Dupieux's schlocky horror managed to be pick up a cult status from its trailer alone, the bizarre tale of Robert, a lone tire who comes to life and quickly discovers he has potentially destructive telepathic powers.

"RUBBER follows a car tyre named Robert that rolls through the Southwest desert using its strange psychic powers to blow up birds, bunnies, human beings and more. But when Robert spies a gorgeous woman motoring down the highway, he decides to follow her and take a chance on love."

A talking point, if nothing else, it's time for Brits to see if the neat premise can survive a feature length outing.

You can find full details of the screenings below.

Rubber is out in the UK on DVD, Blu-ray and EST from 11th April 2011.

Special Screenings:

Flatpack Festival @ Electric, Birmingham

Saturday 26th March

Celluloid Screams presents @ Sheffield Showroom Cinema

Tuesday 5th April

Midnight Movies presents @ The Ritzy, Brixton

Friday 8th April

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