EFM 2011: First Images From Eric Khoo's Animated Feature TATSUMI

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EFM 2011: First Images From Eric Khoo's Animated Feature TATSUMI
Singaporean auteur Eric Khoo is diving into the world of animation in a most unusual way.

A project undertaken very quietly - nobody seems to have heard about it until international sales company The Match Factory announced that they were handling sales - the Singaporean director is in the final stages of putting together Tatsumi, a ninety five minute long feature built around animated versions of some of manga legend Yoshihiro Tatsumi's stories.

It's a project Khoo took on out of passion for the source material, Tatsumi having been a huge influence on him in his early career and from the images we have received it is obvious that painstaking care is being taken to stay true to Tatsumi's own style. The stories involved in the feature include episodes from Tatsumi's autobiographical work A Drifting Life plus short stories Hell, Beloved Monkey, Just A Man, Occupied, and Good Bye.
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vengerFebruary 14, 2011 11:10 AM

I really dug his A Drifting Life book, but can't really see this working well as a movie. A Drifting Life is told as a sequence of relatively underwhelming events as Tatsumi discovers his passion and his own voice in manga. Translating that into an animated feature would result in a documentary style (think Kon's Millennium Actress) which i don't think would have a very large public appeal. However i applaud his intentions and i'm curious to see some footage.

Todd BrownFebruary 14, 2011 3:14 PM

What he's doing is taking select episodes from A Drifting Life and interspersing them with animated versions of some of his short stories. I think the goal is to move back and forth between autobiography and fiction and use the episodes from A Drifting Life to offer some context for the stories.