Five Minutes Of Edmund Yeo's EXHALATION

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Five Minutes Of Edmund Yeo's EXHALATION
Edmund Yeo is a busy man.

The Malaysian born, Japan based film maker has a pair of short films on the festival circuit right now, both of which are continuing to build his reputation as one of the finest filmmaking talents to emerge from south east Asia.

The earlier of the two films in Inhalation, a piece that has screened in Pusan, Tokyo and Vancouver and is soon to be in competition at Clermont Ferrand - the most highly regarded short film festival in the world.

And then there's Exhalation, a film Yeo says has no direct relationship to Inhalation beyond similar titles and themes. This one's soon to premiere in Rotterdam.

Yeo has been good enough to provide us with a five minute clip from Exhalation to give a true taste of the film. You can check it out below.
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