Trailer for Icelandic teen drama "Jitters"

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Trailer for Icelandic teen drama "Jitters"
Despide the economic voes that the country is going through these days and the idiotic cutback the government made to the Icelandic Film Fund we have a record number of films being released in the coming months, so much that producers are actually fighting over slots, something that has never really happened before in our cinematic history.
One of the film, being released next Thursday, is a teen centric drama called Jitters, based on a series of books by Ingibjorg Reynisdottir, who also co-writes the script and is produced by Kisi films, the producers behind Astropia. Here's what the official site has to say about the plot.
[Gabriel is sixteen and confused. Along with a few of his closest friends, he is trying to figure out who he is and where he stands in an ever changing and complicated world.]
The film is directed by a newcomer, Baldvin Z and features a cast of fresh young faces, most of who are taking their first step in front of the camera. The trailer has been released with english subtitles and looks really, really good. Take a gander below.

If English subtitles isn't your thing then follow this link for multi-language subbed trailer.
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