Poster Alert! Muppets gone wild.

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Poster Alert! Muppets gone wild.
Who doesn't love the Muppets? Those crazy characters have entertained and possibly freaked out generations of people over the years and have recently been going through a yet another comeback thanks largely to actor Jason Segel. Some of these character designs are quite outlandish and I know I was afraid of some of them, Janice, the bass player from Electric Mayhem especially. Don't know why.
But Nakatomi and Rhys Cooper have taken that idea of characters based on animals and monsters and taken it to very dark places. Now you can pre-order a massive set of three feral and wild "Muppets", drawn to dark perfection by Cooper. Each print is six colors and measures 16x20" in size. Since they are printing these after the pre-order period they have no idea how many of them will be printed but they figure about an edition of 150 copies each.
The whole set will set you back 75 bucks but with it you will also get a set of three mini prints featuring the same artwork as the large ones but made to look like scientific field sketches. Individual prints are 30 bucks so it would be silly not to get the whole thing, especially since you save 15 bucks on it.
Follow the links below to place your order and check out the rest of the prints in the gallery below as well.

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