This Time It's Undead Mormons in BOOK OF ZOMBIE, And They're Stumbling Into Tacoma, WA

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This Time It's Undead Mormons in BOOK OF ZOMBIE, And They're Stumbling Into Tacoma, WA
Yeah yeah yeah. I know, I know.  Yet another zombie film from yet another low-budget struggling director. Or in this case multiple struggling directors. But this one has Mormons!
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A small, sleepy Utah town gets an undead wake-up call when all of the townspeople of Mormon faith suddenly transform into flesh-eating ghouls! Now, a group of 'non-believers' unaffected by the mysterious epidemic must band together to survive the night and answer the burning question: How do you kill a Mormon zombie?

Will Book Of Zombie be yet more wince-inducing played out dreck, full of bad cliche's, and even worse stabs at being clever? Or will it redefine what horror comedy is, and point to the future with an out-of-left-field modern low budget classic, that gloriously elevates the sub-genre it is a part of?

Well, for you sleaze aficionados in the Seattle/Tacoma area curious enough to want to know the answer first hand, make your way out to The Grand Cinema, in glorious downtown Tacoma this Saturday, Aug. 21'st, at 9pm. Erik Van Sant, one of the multiple writer/directors, will be in attendance to answer for what he has done.
Personally, it's not the wacky concept that has me intrigued. The thing I am most intrigued by is the clever and creative make-up FX by Seattle area up-and-comer Michael Noir, which heavily recalls the classic Dawn-era Savini work. Noir will also be in attendence to speak about his work on the project, as will others from the cast and crew.

It might not be the epic World War Z, or the highly anticipated AMC series The Walking Dead, but it was made by people with passion and big predilection for fun. That's enough to pull me out on a Saturday night. If you like stinky dead things and/or tie wearing, peddle pushing polygamists, then I plan on seeing you there if you are in the area!
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