Nicolas Lopez Declares F*CK MY LIFE!

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Nicolas Lopez Declares F*CK MY LIFE!
Chile's Nicolas Lopez - the director of cult hits Promedio Rojo and Santos - is back. And he's feeling romantic. And possibly a little bit drunk.

Declaring Que Pena Tu Vida - in English the less elegant sounding Fuck My Life - his Chasing Amy or High Fidelity, Lopez has created a romantic comedy for the Facebook age. It's a film filled with digital fingerprints left by its unemployed hero's former lovers, at least one of whom is so fertile that she declares she will get pregnant if she so much as steps on a used condom.

With its Chilean release coming soon the official trailer is being attached to prints of the latest Twilight film when it releases locally and I can just imagine what the Twilighters are going to make of this. But no need to travel to Chile! We've got your exclusive first look at the English-friendly version of the trailer here for you now! Check it below!
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