Fantastic Trailer For Japanese Indie-Animation THE MESSENGER FROM THE SEA

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Fantastic Trailer For Japanese Indie-Animation THE MESSENGER FROM THE SEA
Over the last few years an interesting trend has emerged in the world of Japanese animation. You can call it the rise of the indies, a wave of purely independent animators creating their own feature films and OVA releases at remarkably high quality, building a loyal cult of followers around the globe at the same time.

Makoto Shinkai is the most obvious example of this phenomenon, and probably the highest profile, but there are plenty of others as well. Among them, an animator who calls himself simply Nosferatu. Working largely in monochrome with his signature character, Non-Chan, Nosferatu has assembled an impressive body of work and will be releasing a half hour Non-Chan starring short titled The Messenger From The Sea next month. The first teaser for this has just come on the scene and it is rather tasty.
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GeneralErrorJuly 14, 2010 12:21 PM

Could be cool, I thought it was another stupid teddy bear when it was bandaged (like afro samurai all over). But without a nose it's much more abstract and could work.
There are a lot of forward thinking animators in Japan (Like "Mononoke"! not to be confused with "Princess Mononoke") but they always seem to use the same characters and styles that have been used before. If it gets too outlandish and artistic: they gotta throw in the school girl, or the mecha. Not a criticism, just an observation.