Brazil's ELITE SQUAD Returns!

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Brazil's ELITE SQUAD Returns!
Jose Padilha's Tropa De Elite (Elite Squad) became a true international phenomenon in 2008. On one level a gritty, hard edged action drama the film also functioned as a very pointed criticism of Brazil's elite police squads. It was so pointed, in fact, that Brazilian police forces actively tried to suppress the picture, a move that led to the poor lower classes of the country - the ones who have to deal with the squads' excesses on a daily basis - embracing it wholeheartedly, first by spreading bootleg DVD copies when it couldn't get screened and then turning out in droves when the police interference was finally overcome. The film became a big hit at home, went on to win the top prize in Berlin, and became so influential that it even triggered a special Tropa De Elite themed edition of the Grand Theft Auto video game.

It's now two years later and Padilha is going back. Tropa De Elite 2 began production in January and the first trailer - actually labeled as a collection of scenes rather than as a proper trailer - has just arrived. The scope, once again, is impressive as is the balance of action and drama. Check it below.
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DarqentriesJuly 2, 2010 11:20 PM

hell yeah. tropa de elite was was friggin amazing. from the looks of those scenes the sequel seems to be at least on par with the original which is a very good start indeed.