The Director Of THE OWL AND THE SPARROW And The Producers Of THE REBEL Team For Hip Hop Dance Film SAIGON ELECTRIC

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Well, here's a combination I wouldn't have predicted.

Director Stephane Gauger had a big hit on the arthouse circuit with his indie drama The Owl and the Sparrow and is now teaming with production house Chanh Phuong Films - the backers of Vietnamese action hits The Rebel and Clash - for Vietnamese hip hop dance film Saigon Electric. In production now and aiming for December release, here's how Gauger describes the project:

In my wish of telling universal stories with a global outlook and a distinctly Vietnamese point of view, the seeds of "Saigon Electric" were planted. Continuing the themes of my first narrative feature "Owl and the Sparrow", my hope is to create a visceral landscape of the hustle and bustle in modernized Vietnam. More than half of Vietnam's current population is under the age of eighteen, born after the American War. As the doors of the West have opened up to the nation and consumerism weaves its way into the value system, youth culture is seeping onto the streets of Vietnam. Hip-hop, graffiti artists, and punk rock are alive. My wish is to give these teenagers a voice and present to an international audience a fresh new look at the dreams and struggles of Asian youth.
Though still shooting, Gauger cut an early trailer for the film just a few days into the production to give audiences a taste. And it's looking good. Check it below.

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J HurtadoJune 18, 2010 6:09 PM

I'm psyched, I thought Owl & the Sparrow was underappreciated.