Dr. Butcher MD (aka Zombi Holocaust) In Toronto!

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Dr. Butcher MD (aka Zombi Holocaust) In Toronto!
Hey Toronto! Feel like navigating voodoo cannibals after a day of navigating the throngs of policemen and protestors during all the G-20 shenanigans? Well,Vagrancy Films and Terry Levene are presenting Dr. Butcher MD (aka Zombi Holocaust) at the Toronto Underground Cinema this Friday.

Here's Vagrancy Film's write-up on the film: 

Peter Chandler and Dr. Lori Ridgeway come across a gruesome flesh-eating cult in New York. Determined to uncover the origins of this mad corruption, they set out on an expedition to the primitive island of Keto. The two are soon trapped in the wilderness, surrounded by a tribe of cannibals and the insane scientist, Dr. Obrero. The doctor captures Chandler, and prepares him for a series of experiments designed to bring about the end of human mortality. In turn, Lori is captured by the murderous tribe and subjected to their bizarre rituals. In the tradition of the classic film, Zombie, Ian McCulloch reprises his role of a New Yorker faced with primal horror. Italian gore schlock cheese don't come any finer - THE ULTIMATE DATE MOVIE. 

It all goes down this Friday (June 25th) at 9:30pm. Tickets are $10 at the door and are also available in advance at EYESORE Cinema (801 Queen Street West.). 

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