Poster Alert! Survival Of The Dead and The Warriors.

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Poster Alert! Survival Of The Dead and The Warriors.
The good folks at Mondotees have a few goodies for you poster fans up for sale today. 
First up is a poster for George Romero's latest zombie opus, Survival of the Dead. The glow in the dark print is done by Charlie Adlard, are limited to 150 copies and costs 30 bones. They have also prepared a textless T-Shirt as well featuring the artwork.

Next up are the last entries in Mondotees' Warriors collectors series. Ken Taylor's set is impressive, three posters, 12x36" each and only cost 65 bucks. That set is limited to 200 copies.
The final entry is a beautiful piece by Tomer Hanuka and is quite a different take on subject matter. The print is 24x36", goes for 40 bucks and is limited to 180 copies.

These go up for sale this after noon so keep your eyes peeled. And check out the artwork in the gallery section below.
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andrewzMay 27, 2010 11:00 AM

Really, trying to keep me from getting these? :)

The recent Evil Dead posters sold out in about 35 minutes and there were lots of complaints about the Olly Night of the Living Dead process on the Mondo blog as well. I've got my fingers crossed I don't have to pay 3-5 times original price on Ebay tonight because I couldn't get the limited number available to an ever widening buyer pool.