Is this How GODZILLA will Look in the US Reboot? **UPDATE**

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Is this How GODZILLA will Look in the US Reboot? **UPDATE**
[UPDATE 2:  Blood Disgusting has boldly confirmed that the Godzilla images are "not official."  Sorry Godzilla fans but atleast its been fun hearing some of the reaction across the interweb while stirring some interesting discussion on how you think the design should look in the reboot.  I personally think the guy who sculpted this bust did an awesome job.]

[UPDATE:  These images were originally uploaded on flickr by "WoGzilla" on January 18th, 2010. Here's his comments accompanying one of the image:
great detail :) I was told by a good friend in the movie biz. that this was one of the design's they were considering for the new 3D Godzila....! if you have new info on this movie, i would like to post it . thanks :)
So the question still remain if these designs were actually used in the production. I'll leave it up to you to decide on whether or not if his words is credible.]

Back in late March, Legendary Pictures officially announced that Godzilla will return to the big screen in 2012. From a source unknown to me, two images have surfaced of a design model of Godzilla's bust and it has Kaiju fans speculating if its a prototype design that Legendary Pictures submitted to Toho for approval or its just simply a brilliant piece of fan art.  If this is official then I think its a good sign that Hollywood are on the right track on nailing the proper appearance. So what do you think?  Official or fan art?  And whats your opinion on the design? 

Check out the images in our gallery below.
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