Choi Min-Sik. Lee Byung-Hyun. Kim Jee-woon. I SAW THE DEVIL Teaser Arrives.

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Choi Min-Sik. Lee Byung-Hyun. Kim Jee-woon. I SAW THE DEVIL Teaser Arrives.
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Though Murderer - the sophomore feature from Chaser director Na Hong-Jin - will certainly make its share of noise there is no doubt what the event movie of the year in Korea is. After all, can anything else really be in the running when the director of The Good The Bad And The Weird teams up with the stars of Oldboy and A Bittersweet Life? Yes, Kim Jee-woon's dark crime thriller hits screens this summer and he's brought Lee Byung-Hyun and Choi Min-Sik along for the ride.

The film is Oldboy star Choi's first major role since returning from a self imposed exile begun in protest over changes to the Korean screen quota system and marks the duo's first time working together. Lee and Kim, however, go back now over several films and their collaborations have always been stellar. This is also the first time Lee and Choi - two of the nation's biggest and most recognizable stars - have ever appeared together.

Story? Lee plays a cop driven to take vengeance after Choi's character kills his fiance. Stylish this will certainly be with Kim at the helm but pretty? No way. Check the teaser below.
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