Intriguing teaser for teaser of 3D fantasy RORRIM BO AND THE MAGIC GOBLET 3D

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Intriguing teaser for teaser of 3D fantasy RORRIM BO AND THE MAGIC GOBLET 3D
kubok.jpgRorrim Bo and the Magic Goblet 3D (Волшебный кубок Роррима Бо 3D) is not an animation as one can decide from the poster, but a full-length family fantasy movie with real actors and in proper modern Digital 3D, but it probably has large inclusion of full-cgi scenes.

This is teaser for teaser trailer, as one can call it, an announce of upcoming proper teaser that is going to be released next week. And judging by this teaser for teaser, it looks pretty decent.

Long-long ago, inhabitants of fantasy country drove evil witch Werghilda out into our world and put her spirit into magical goblet. This happened more than 500 years ago. In our times the goblet was found, and the evil spirit of the witch was released and got into female Pioneer organizer in the pioneer camp. And now she needs fears
to restore her powers and to return back to fantasy land. The one who can resist her is Rorrim Bo, the son of the one who put witch into the goblet. The problem is that he's not as courageous as his father.

Director is Ekaterina Grohovskaya, she has a project Devil's Flower that had not yet been released.

Just as I predicted, Russia will probably become a major European country for 3D movies, because the level of piracy in it is high and 3D movies are kind of piracy-proof.
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brettlv5506April 29, 2010 8:06 PM

What an unfortunate film title.

VladimirApril 30, 2010 4:58 AM