Impressive SciFi Action In Macgregor's KOR3 *UPDATE*

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Impressive SciFi Action In Macgregor's KOR3 *UPDATE*
Before I begin let me say that I am fully aware of just how ludicrous and unfair the comparison I'm about to make is but, dammit, it's true so I'm going to do it anyway.  The cityscape featured in the teaser for upcoming scifi-action picture KOR3 strikes me very much as being the world of Ridley Scott's Bladerunner as filtered through the grime of Neill Blomkamp's District 9. Ridiculously big names, I know, and well nigh impossible to live up to but it's what ran immediately through my mind when I first got a gander.

The product of a commercials director and cinematographer who calls himself simply Macgregor - real name, Miguel de Olaso - there is very little information publicly available on this one other than a note on the Vimeo site that it's 'coming some day'. Make it soon, Macgregor.  Make it soon.

Fresh details on this, straight from the source.  This teaser was shot in and around Shanghai in 2008 for an in-development feature film described by Macgregor as an 'ultra-realistic' spin on the themes of Bladerunner and Ghost In The Shell set in the world as it may be fifty or sixty years in future.  Viewed as part of a trilogy, it is set in the same world - though a very different part of it - as his nearly-complete short film Similo.   And, yes, they used the music from Prototype as a temporary score.
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