Park Chan-Ok's "PAJU" will open the IFFR 2010

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Park Chan-Ok's "PAJU" will open the IFFR 2010
From January 27th till February the 7th, the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam will be held. And even though the final line-up won't be released until the second week of January, details are slowly but surely emerging.
Such as the fact that Africa will be set in the limelight this year, getting its own festival segment. Or check how many names you recognize on that teaser poster here...
But the real news today is what will open the festival: Park Chan-Ok's second feature "Paju". Her first feature "Jealousy is My Middle Name" caused quite a stir back in 2002 (or rather 2003 outside of Korea...) so this is enticing indeed.
As usual with the opening movie the director herself will be attending the premiere, but stars Lee Seon-Gyun and Seo Woo have also been confirmed to be present.
That's one showing I have on my list already...

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