The Producers Of DEAD SNOW Bring You The NORWEGIAN NINJA!

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The Producers Of DEAD SNOW Bring You The NORWEGIAN NINJA!
Perhaps emboldened by the runaway international success of Nazi-zombie film Dead Snow, the Norwegian cult film train appears to be rolling full steam ahead.  From producers Tordenfilm - who have a hand in Swedish animation Metropia - and Euforia Film - the force behind Dead Snow - and director Thomas Malling Cappelen the next cult title to come from the region is Norwegian Ninja.  Currently in production, the film is targeting a fall 2010 release.

Norwegian Ninja is the true story of how Commander Arne Treholt and his Ninja Force saved Norway during the Cold War. In 1983 the Ninja Force discovers that the Shadow Government, who take charge in times of war and emergency, are planning a coup-d'état in peacetime. Treholt and the ninjas see only one solution: a solid can of whoop-ass!

Though there is not yet a trailer and no official stills have yet been released, the film is maintaining a detailed production blog.  More as we get it!
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