Clive Owen and Sienna Miller for Kim Jee-woon's Max and the Junkmen?

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Clive Owen and Sienna Miller for Kim Jee-woon's Max and the Junkmen?

Fresh off the Manchurian escapades of his kimchi western 좋은놈, 나쁜놈, 이상한 놈 (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) and last seen producing the trailer for the latest Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (starring Chungmuro's new prodigy, the insanely talented Shim Eun-Kyung), Kim Jee-woon is now ready to embark on his next project, which will mark his International debut. His first choice outside Korean shores is quite eclectic and interesting, considering he will helm a remake of Claude Sautet's 1971 heist classic Max et les Ferrailleurs, which starred Michael Piccoli in the leading role. If you've seen Kim go all Melville noir on us with 달콤한 인생 (A Bittersweet Life), you should already know what to expect, but let's just say that a caper noir with Kim at the helm sounds like gold, even without taking a look at the cast.

In his latest interview (mostly JIMFF-related), Kim revealed a few bits about the film, which will be entitled Max and the Junkmen. Kim already finished the script, and hopes to start shooting around January 2010 - since we're dealing with a noir, he wants to shoot in winter, and missing the all important January window would push things to around September-October 2010. Shooting will take place in Philadelphia, Kim's reasoning being that he needed a dreary look reminding of Europe's oldest cities (which is why he first wanted to opt for London), but since producers wanted to shoot in the US, his last decision was Philly. As for casting, let's hear it straight from Kim's mouth:

10ASIA: Any actor in mind?
KIM Jee-woon: Nothing has been decided yet, but I was thinking about Clive Owen for the lead detective role, and Sienna Miller for the female protagonist. We've been talking and I've met Sienna when she came to Korea recently (ed. to promote G.I. Joe). She seemed interested.


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J HurtadoAugust 26, 2009 5:45 PM

I don't know much about Sienna Miller, but I really like Clive Owen and I could see him in this kind of role. Anything with Kim's name on it has my money.

krln99August 27, 2009 3:38 AM

$10 says the studios made Kim put it in America, cuz with Owen and Miller in it, and set in London would essentially make an English film, and Billy Bob in flyover state America wouldn't see it cuz it's "one of them foreign films."

juanitadarkSeptember 20, 2009 4:47 AM

Clive Owen, yes. But a big old 'aw, hell naw!' to Miller. If she can't handle the Pittsburgh experience without being disrespectful I find it hard to believe she won't revert to type with a Korean director.

I'm sure she was a pleasant co-star to Lee Byung Hun while they filmed GI Joe but please, the only reason people go to see her in a film is because she might be either half-naked or wearing something skin-tight. Great mass of work? Acting chops? Nope.

Most people I'm aware of will actively AVOID a film with her in it. Please get someone else for the female lead. Someone who can act well alongside Owen and who isn't widely known for being obnoxious.

Actually, I find her such an anathema that at this point ANYONE would be a better consideration. I'm still miffed Emily Blunt couldn't do Iron Man 2; Cate Blanchett is always good; there are PLENTY of better actresses and ones that don't actively repulse most of the target audience.

Though personally I like the idea of Rosario Dawson, she was great alongside Owen in Sin City - so the chemistry is there - and she's shown an interest in the genre.

I have to say if Miller's in it I'd have a hard time giving it the benefit of the doubt and getting around to watching it eventhough everything Kim Ji-Woon's done so far is superlative. I'd probably have given GI Joe a chance if her being in it hadn't thrown it being Lee Byung Hun's international debut under a bus. As it was I didn't bother, and I don't think I'll bother when it's out on DVD.

I think Kim's impeccable directorial choices should extend to casting on this one. Go down the downgrading road and it's hard to come back and be taken seriously. I mean, even if he Tarantinoed Miller's career it was be hard finding that a good thing. There is no win here. Find another blonde.

Just, no.