Hugo Weaving Takes A LAST RIDE

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Hugo Weaving Takes A LAST RIDE

Fans of The Proposition, take special note of upcoming Australian feature Last Ride. Though Hillcoat's feature is a period western while this film plays out as a contemporary thriller, the two share such a sense of desolation and moral ambiguity that, based on the Last Ride trailers, they could be spiritual siblings. Here's the synopsis:

A desperate father takes his ten year old son, Chook, on the run after committing a violent crime. As the two journey into the desert and an unknown future, their troubled relationship and the need to survive sees them battling the elements and each other. Chook eventually takes control and the choice he is forced to make has a devastating effect on both their lives.

That's Hugo Weaving as the 'desperate father' and that one bit of casting alone is enough to make this worthwhile as it looks like one of the grittiest roles to date for Weaving, an actor who has never to my knowledge turned in a sub-par performance. Combine Weaving with some gorgeous cinematography and potent subject matter and you've got a winner. Check out a pair of teasers below the break!

Teaser One

Teaser Two

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dilated_in_disbeliefFebruary 23, 2009 5:42 PM

wow this looks amazing. love the atmosphere, the music, how quiet yet intense it feels.

ScottFFebruary 24, 2009 2:59 PM

I loved The Proposition, so count me in on this. Evoked a bit of the feeling I got from reading The Road.

Hugo is an amazing actor, but one I always fail to recognize. More than once I've watched a movie, thought the acting was great and went back to see who the actor was only to find Hugo there. For some reason, for me he's always the character rather than the actor.