Full trailer for Oppai Volleyball. Sadly, no Oppai... yet.

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Full trailer for Oppai Volleyball. Sadly, no Oppai... yet.

Even though the story behind Oppai Volleyball is about a young teacher who promises to show off her oppai [breasts] to a group of girl-obsessed dorks who are the school's volleyball team if they win the big tournament I've got this feeling in my gut that we won't actually get to see these blessed and mythical oppai. I just get the feeling that Oppai Volleyball is going to be one of those feel good type of films where seeing oppai just isn't going to be important after all is said and done and this team of hapless dorks band together and win the big game.

Mikako is a young junior high school teacher who has just transferred to a new school. Excited to be starting a new job, she volunteers for a coach for a boys volleyball club. But, she finds out that there is almost no activity in the club... There are only 5 members, and they are all losers who haven't even touched a volleyball and only think about girls...

To give them an incentive to try hard, she promises them that she will show them her boobs if they win a game! Since then, the boys start practicing extremely hard. Feeling uneasy but happy at the same time to see their attitude changing, Mikako starts to like and trust them. She also learns from them and gets back her confidence which once she lost.

Right before the day of the first game, 'the promise' is discovered by the school side, and it becomes a big problem...

Now that isn't going to mean that it isn't going to be good to look at. Far from it. Lead actress Haruka Ayase is someone we call around these parts 'not ugly'. But this has feel good written all over it. Not a bad thing to watch from time to time. I consider it a decent trade off. The full trailer has finally come out and we have it after the break.

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Agent WaxFebruary 14, 2009 1:06 PM

There is no way in hell that Haruka Ayase, an up and coming actress and popular idol, will bare her breasts on screen. Anyone who believes otherwise is, well, an idiot. That said, this movie looks like it might be an occasionally-fun romp.

conbarbaFebruary 14, 2009 6:22 PM

This is gonna be the most disappointing film ever.

WillbyFebruary 14, 2009 8:25 PM

isn't haruka getting a little old to play a schoolgirl?

Shirow66February 15, 2009 12:35 AM

Willby: She is playing a high school teacher, not a schoolgirl.

The VisitorFebruary 15, 2009 1:22 AM

i've been in love with Haruka for the longest time!!! she's got nice oppai!

OK, OK, i'm calm.

WillbyFebruary 15, 2009 1:45 AM

Lol You are right i should have read the synopsis first before commenting. My apologies ^^

kungfueurotrashFebruary 15, 2009 10:49 AM

My hearts on fire for Haruka Ayase, that is one fine lookin broad...