Sweden Has A SPACEBALLS To Call Their Own With KENNY BEGINS!

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Sweden Has A SPACEBALLS To Call Their Own With KENNY BEGINS!

Now, the Spaceballs comparison is not entirely accurate in that Calle Åstrand and Mats Lindberg's Kenny Begins is - as far as I can tell - a wholly original creation as opposed to being a parody but on every other level this thing looks as though it could be a companion piece to the Mel Brooks scifi comedy classic. The broad humor, the hysterically lo-fi effects, the goofy creatures - I'm particularly partial to the fan-headed guys - are all in full effect.

Kenny Starfighter is probably the worst student the Hero Galaxy Academy has ever had. Kenny’s parents have now grown tired of paying for his studies and give him an ultimatum. Take your exams or become a hairdresser. In pursuit of his exam grades, Kenny accidentally crash-lands on Earth. He bumps into Pontus a limping 15-year old boy with poor eyesight who is bullied in school. Pontus has found a mysterious, luminous crystal which has given him super powers and the possibility to get the coolest girl in school, Miranda, interested in him. Rutger Oversmart, the most intelligent man in the Universe, finds out that the boy has absorbed the crystal’s powers. All Rutger has to do now is squeeze these powers out of the boy in order to become the most powerful man in the Universe. When Rutger discovers that a Galaxy Hero is protecting the boy he sends out the Galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunters to catch the boy. Can Kenny Starfighter save a teenage boys’ life or is it the teenage boy and Miranda who will save Kenny?

The film releases in Sweden in late March and we've got a trio of trailers - including one with full English narration - for your amusement below the break.

Full Trailer

English Teaser

Swedish Teaser

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