Bruce McDonald Wants You To Produce His Movie.

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Hear that sound? That's the sound of Kurt - our resident Bruce McDonald fanatic - warming up his credit cards. Why? Because for a grand you can be an official executive producer on A Love Supreme, the La Jetee inspired adaptation of the novel by Ken Nussey by McDonald and co-director Peter Lynch.

I type this sitting on my couch, freshly returned from a fund raising event for the picture held at Toronto's Trane Studio where the order of the evening was local jazz and hiphop; a roaming, cowboy-hatted Canuck icon and an extensive reel of shots from the film itself. And, yes, I say shots rather than footage for a very specific reason: like Marker's classic La Jetee this film will be made up almost entirely of still photographs, linked to deliver a narrative when viewed in sequence. Unlike Marker's film, however, this one has no science fiction apocalypse, opting instead for John Coltrane and a love of Toronto's Little Italy.

McDonald and Lynch have been working on this one entirely outside of any sort of conventional funding system for about three years now, shooting pictures for it when time permits and have apparently that the time has come to mount a serious push to collect the final ten thousand photographs they reckon are needed to wrap things up, plus generating the funds for post production. Which is where the fund raiser and, potentially, you come in. A Love Supreme is happily accepting both donations and investment into the picture. For fifty bucks you get good karma. For two hundred and fifty, a thank you credit in the film. For a grand? A full executive producer credit. Curious? All the details are on their Facebook page.

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