Toronto Locals - Take a FREE trip into the FUNKY FOREST

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Toronto Locals - Take a FREE trip into the FUNKY FOREST

Here is a treat of treats for those who happen to be within driving distance of Toronto. After bringing the house down in the best possible way at the 2006 edition of Toronto After Dark festival (something the film did at pretty much every festival it played), the University of Toronto's Student Union (CINSSU) is bringing back Katsuhito Ishii's Funky Forest: The First Contact to the big screen and a public audience. This film is a group experience, a communal bonding ritual of insanity, a cinematic mix-tape, and a really, really fun trip. And it is playing on 35mm at the Innis Town Hall theatre in Toronto for Free this Friday, September 26th at 7pm. Bring a lot of friends, the uninitiated preferably, and blow their minds.

(And while we are talking local fun; The Bloor Cinema has a Paul Verhoeven/Ed Neumeier double bill tonight with Robocop and Starship Troopers 35mm prints. Nice)

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JustinDSeptember 25, 2008 2:27 AM

"Who does stuff on Fridays before 9:00?" he told himself "You won't miss anything if you work till 8:00 on Fridays!"