VINYAN - Images from its World Premiere

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VINYAN - Images from its World Premiere

Vinyan, a film we have been covering fairly thorough here at Twitch, had its world premiere today at the 65th Venice Film Festival. Reviews and comments should start streaming in over the course of the next 24-48 hours. At the moment we have Neil Smith from the BBC talking to Fabrice Du Welz and Emmanuelle Beart (here) and a rather grumpy take on the film by Andrew Pulver at the Guardian (here). I expect Vinyan to be somewhat divisive as its rumored to be a very strong and emotional film told with cracking and feverish intensity. Basically anyone walking into expecting to see something like Bogart in The Africa Queen will probably be disappointed. Strongly told films tend to cause strong reactions.

Super size images from the world premiere at the link below.

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